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Lesley loves to explore a little bit of everything to find the best way to answers. She has intense physical and mental energy with a head packed full of continuous ideas. Always on the move, she darts back and forth, thirsty for knowledge and new experiences, making connections and creating new opportunities.


But, rest assured, she's a very experience level 7 qualified coach and amongst all of the things she does, she cares deeply about helping others. It’s important to her that she fulfils that aspect of life… hence People Power. Work with her and you will be energised, enthused, achieving lots and maybe a little worn out!

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Managing Director and Head Coach

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Business Support Manager


Apart from having the best name a coach could have,  Bev is a huge asset to the business and all of our clients. She's the one in the background making sure everything happens in the way that it should.  


Expert in tendering and funding applications and completes all the financial and adminstrative tasks, so that no deadline is ever missed.


As a naturally caring person and a level 7 qualified coach too, she has the ability to apply logic to any situation and is well known for keeping Lesley on track, a task that's not easy to do!