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We know it's always useful to hear some soundbites from some of the people we have helped.


Andy, Product and Signage Manager, Lustalux

Thanks to the Aim Programme, I am more confident in my dealings with my staff. My approach towards the business is more professional and I am not apprehensive about approaching my directors with new ideas. I am also able to make the right decisions now within the business.


I have established a more professional approach with the management and team as I have got over my barriers to hold critical conversations in a much more professional way.


James, Transport Manager, George Cox and Sons

When I was promoted I was doubtful of my ability. After attending the AIm programme, I  now have a clearer understanding of my role and why the directors promoted me. My confidence has really soared.


My time management has dramatically improved as a result of the work with People Power. I now prioritise the critical tasks and delegate others to enable me to free up time to look at the bigger picture for the business. Importantly, the working relationships with my team overall are much better too.


Andrew and Pete - founders of andrewandpete.com

We have been working with Lesley from People Power since setting up our business; she has had a profound effect on us and our successes thus far.


She is a fantastic person always full of ideas, a true problem solver and an inspiration to us. We couldn't recommend Lesley and her team enough.

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Donna Prestwich - HR Manager,Performance Springs Ltd

I have attended a selection of courses with Lesley and always found her them to be very informative; educational and of great benefit to me and the company I am working for.


I find I am captivated by what Lesley presents and the content of the course and the speakers have made it enjoyable and easy for me to retain the content. It sure made me open my eyes to a lot of things that I’m currently doing that I can improve on. I can see changes in the way I behave both in my personal and my professional life.  I have acted on what I need to change and can clearly see the impact it has had on myself and the business.


I have had the pleasure of training with fantastic likeminded colleagues and as a result, I now found myself looking at things in a different perspective and acting and behaving differently.  We share, listen, reflect and take action.


Life is a journey and along my adventurous journey through personal life and work life I have had a most challenging, worrying and pressing few chapters in my life over the last two years; bring on the next 12 months. I am confident I can handle most difficult and challenging times!!!


I just want to thank Lesley from the bottom of my heart for her support and guidance and would recommend any of her work to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills.



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Richard Lancsater - Owner , Lustalux Ltd

At a recent Team Meeting my presence was rendered almost superfluous by two members of staff who stood out  (Elane and Andy who are pictured on the right), showing new found real leadership qualities. Both spoke with confidence and enthusiasm outlining their hopes and aspirations for the company in a way that made me proud to be their boss. It was certainly a seminal moment for me and as a naturally autocratic type it caused me to reflect.


Now, I am not getting any younger and although I am not ready to take a back seat just yet, I am looking at a succession strategy rather than an exit strategy. To leave a business legacy and to create a passive income you need the right people in place to carry the "brand" forward into the future.


Last year we embarked on a staff development programme with the business coaching company People Power Coaching The aforementioned Team Lustalux members were put through the AIM programme and have been mentored, coached and challenged in a group environment over several months. What a difference it has made and will carry on making! (Andy and Elaine are in the phot on the right)


To sumarise I can't empahsise strongly enough that team development is money well spent and I would urge any SME to think about investing in their people. We currently have a third team member enrolled with People Power and we don't limit opportunities to a privileged few. Everyone at  Lustalux Ltd will benefit from our culture of  promoting personal and professional development.


So who knows I may become surplus to requirement sooner than I thought!

James Tomlinson, Elaine Webb, Andy Fisher, Donna Prestwich

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Kieran Fletcher - Founder of Funda

Lesley and I have worked together now for over six years. When I started using her services, I was full of ideas but just didn’t know how to implement them. My diary was full, I was busy creating packages but not generating the sales that I needed.


Over time, she has helped me to reflect on what I am aiming to achieve and  has  taught me so much  that I now understand exactly what to do with my business. I have now created a Head office, my team is growing monthly, I now, deliver in over 60 schools area wide and am now seen as a leading expert in delivering children’s sports and play programme.


I am so excited about the steps we have taken to grow the business and the future plans ahead that Lesley has helped me to identify.